Сочинение «About myself»

Тема «About myself» — первое, что вам нужно! Ведь если вы не можете рассказать о себе, вы не найдёте общий язык ни с одним иностранцем! Конечно, сложно написать универсальную тему про каждого человека. Но постараемся это сделать! Только каждый адаптирует данную тему под себя.

Тема «About myself»

My name is Dasha (ваше имя). I’m a pupil (если вы учитесь в школе, a student — если вы учитесь в университете или колледже).

I’m a multiple personality. I have a lot of hobbies. I can’t imagine my life without creativity. Some years ago I was fond of swimming. I visited a swimming pool with my best friend 3 times a week. But unfortunately I got cold and had problems with health, so my Mum didn’t allow me to go to a swimmimg pool in winter. So swimmimg didn’t become a part of my life, just a hobby, just a good pastime.

All my friends say that I’m a creatime person. I like poems, I have some poems written in English. But now I prefer prose. When I was a little girl (boy) I wanted to be a stage manager. My room is full of different books and magazines. Recently I have found that I like painting. I’m not a Picasso but I can draw something. I can’t live without art. Art is in my heart. I also like photography. I like to photo naure and other people. My friends often like ask me to photo them.

But most of all I like travelling. I am fond of various countries and people. I was not in many countries of the world but I saw enough traditiond which are differet from owers. Travelling help you to be a part of a big village called world.

So many hobbies! What can you do with all this? I can say: «You should develop yourself». It is so boring just to study, study, study. For me it is a nonesense. I’d like to repeat that your hobbies develop your personality.

Now some words about me in general. I live in Belarus (Russia, страна, где вы живёте). I like my county and people living in it. I study at… (заведение где вы учитесь, н-р, school №6). I have a lot of friends. We like to organize parties, especially pijamas parties 🙂 We usually go to a cinema, theatre. My friends understand me as they are also very creative. So maybe in future we will make our own film.

So it is my little world, my chocolate world. I’m crazy about sweets)))) So if you want to please me, buy me a bar of chocolate.

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