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Думаю, сочинения на школьные темы по английскому языку достаточно актуальная тема, поэтому следующей хочу представить тему «Моя будущая профессия». Вам осталось подредактировать под вашу профессию или оставить все как есть. Изучаем, читаем, дополняем!

 Тема на английском «Choosing a career»

It is not a simple thing to choose a career. It demands careful consideration as your choice is very important. For that reason you should realistically consider your abilities and how you can make use of them. You also have to ask yourself: are you suitable for it and what do you know exactly about your future job.

You should also clear up if you are expected to have in possession certain qualities needfull for the job or whether you prove able to show and develop all these qualities in the process of education and training. By the way many of us are still on the mythical level about the future jobs for there is a huge difference between the planet of work and the career expectations. We neglect the fact that every job has a share of druggery and boredom about it. That’s why you’d better think about all pros and cons, so as not to pity your decision to follow this or that career steps. Objectively it’s not a pleasant thing to dwell all your life in the job which you don’t like. And certainly it’s always marvelous being well paid for what you take pleasure doing. Anyway choosing a profession is a crucial point in a school-leaver’s life.

What your future career will be? - топик на английском языкеLike most of my classmates I made my final choice when I was in my last year at school. Previously I asked myself plenty of times what I wanted to do when I left school. A few years ago it was difficult to give a definite answer as I changed my mind too often. One day I wanted to be a film director, the next day I thought there was no better job than that of a journalist. My father suggested that I should study humanities at a far more profound level than I was expected to do at school. His arguments were convincing. So for two years when I was in the 10th and 11th forms, I put a lot of effort into a more systematic and consistent learning of English, Russian and Belorussian, History and Literature. It’s unmistakeable that people who can speak foreign languages have more opportunities in job as all sorts of business, international and cultural contacts include the use of foreign languages. English is the central language of communication in such areas as computer technology, science, international tourism and mass entertainment. I hope to make a practical use of it in my future job. I hope I’ll pass the entrance examinations successfully. I’m definitely sure that after graduating from the university I will become an educated person, useful for the progress of the society I live in.

Это было сочинение на тему «Моя будущая профессия». Если возникнут сложности с переводом отдельных фраз или вашей профессии, которую необходимо вставить, спрашивайте в комментариях. Вот вам в помощь небольшая табличка

Профессии на английском языке с переводом

Профессии на английском с переводом

На этом тема по английскому языку о будущей професии окончена, встретимся в следующей статье.

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