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Ура-ура-ура!!! У сайта появилась новая рубрика, и я полагаю, очень полезная: «Сочинения на английском языке». Я в школе писала море сочинений, а, возможно, и океан))) Поэтому делюсь с вами своими трудами! Может, вам пригодится мой опыт! И первое сочинение на аглийском — «Школа». Подставляете название своей школы, и ваша домашняя работа готова!

Тема «My School»

School is a very special place, where you grow up, make friends and receive education, a place where we learn to value moral qualities in people and develop our skills and talents.

I want to say that I was lucky to be a pupil of gymnasia №6 with the extensive English learning. Our gymnasia is just in the very centre of our town and consists of two perhaps not very modern but cosy-looking buildings. Entering the main building you come into a large and pleasant hall, which seems to be saying “Welcome” to you. On the ground floor there are a Headmaster’s Office, a library, several cloakrooms, classrooms for junior pupils. On the first floor you can find a teacher’s room, a canteen, a gym, a computer classroom and so on. We are proud of our assembly hall, where all kinds of performances, concerts and meetings are held. It has comfortable seats and it is nicely decorated. Chemistry, Physics and Biology laboratories are on the second floor. On the walls in the corridors you can see flowers, exhibitions of pupils’ paintings, different kinds of posters and school newspapers.

The range of subjects taught at our gymnasia is rather wide. In addition to obligatory, students can attend different optional classes. It is possible to learn English and American literature, Polish, Spanish and other subjects. I must admit that our gymnasia provides a high level of education. Every year our students show good results at regional and republic Olympiads, scientific conferences. More than 90% enter Universities and Colleges.

School buildingOur gymnasia has many interesting traditions. Traditions unite people, help them to be sure of their position in society. That’s why we try to preserve and develop such common and nice traditions as the Day of Knowledge, the meeting of the school-leavers, some holidays as Teacher’s Day, New Year, Victory Day, Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day. Our pupils take part in Exchange Programmes with Poland, Sweden. It has become a tradition to hold Charity Fair, during which we collect toys, books, money and give them to sick children and orphans.

Of course, there are some problems at school nowadays. It’s not a secret that schools experience financial problems. I wish we had more visual and technical aids, more computers, a swimming-pool, a modern canteen. I wish we had less subjects every day. To my mind our school schedule is overloaded. As a result more than 60% of pupils suffer from chronic diseases.

It’s common knowledge that much depends on teachers too. Teachers must be devoted to their work, must love children, be friendly and tolerant.

In conclusion I’d like to say that though educational system experiences a lot of problems, it still manages to produce excellent standards of education.

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