The impact of globalization on my life

Globalization is around the worldПродолжаем пополнять список тем. В 21 веке господствует глобализация, так какое же влияние она оказывает на жизнь людей? В неё больше плюсов или минусов?

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Топик «The impact of globalization on my life»

Just think about globalization. What are the first things that come into your mind when you talk about globalization? Undoubtedly, global market, global village, Internet, homogenization, cosmopolitanism, competition, travelling without frames. The list can be endless. Definitely, globalization affects the lives of almost all people, and I’m not an exception.

I never really thought about the impact that globalization particularly has on my life. But I’m sure that this influence is enormous. I can’t but mention the role of IT, Internet. In my teens I got acquainted with a marvelous girl from England. She was a member of the international camp which took part in my country. So after the camp we became pen pals. For some years we were writing each other long letters and then were waiting for the answers. Now we can see each other with the help of Skype practically every day.

Globalization in different spheres in picture

I can’t imagine my life without people, new acquaintances. Perhaps for this reason I have friends in almost all parts of the world. And now it is rather expensive to send letters by post to, for instance, America. But via the Internet you can be connected with every corner of our global village.

Every time I like to broaden my mind. And the best way to do this is travelling. I can’t imagine myself living in the 18th or 19th century. Maybe it is cool to wear long fluffy dresses with splendid hats, but the means of transport were so poor at that time. I like new experiences, new people, new lands. I had unique chances to see different countries in my life. But for me there are too many unknown countries which I like to visit. And before travelling to a new country everyone has an opportunity to know more about this country by means of the Internet.

Globalization has a good impact on my study. I can use computer for whatever I need to do my homework, find information. Being in Belarus, I can watch on TV English, American and other news to know what is happening worldwide.

Practically as every girl or woman I’m fond of fashion. Unfortunately, in our country you can find not too many brands. So due globalization fashion-mongers have an excellent chance to buy world famous cloth brands. They are not cheap, but every fashion-monger knows the best sales in her city.

I am young and I want to be up-to-date, maybe for that reason I’m for globalization. But I don’t dispute if I were perhaps 60 years old I would have another opinion.


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