What is the role of sport

Сочинение на английском языке на тему спорта Продолжаем пополнять список сочинений на английском языке. В данной статье вам предлагается готовая тема про спорт «Sport in my life». Конечно, написать тему, которая будет подходить исключительно каждому — дело не из лёгких. Но я уверена, что легче что-то исправить, чем самому сидеть и придумывать. Удачи вам!



Сочинение на английском «Sport in my life»

What place does sport take in your life? Is it your best friend? Oh maybe you are so lazy that you can’t imagine yourself doing any exercises? Do you begin your day with morning exercises or do you prefer to spend another 5 minutes in your sweet bed? What is sport particularly for you? And what is the role of sport for the world in general?

There are many various kinds of sport in present-day. Everyone can choose what he or she wants. If you are full of energy, you can go in for playing football, basketball, tennis, soccer and other games.

As for me I am fond of swimming too much. I like water and I cannot imagine my life without swimming. I am like a fish that needs water to survive. I’m not a professional swimmer, but two days a week I visit our swimming pool. In summer I prefer swimming in the sea. Unfortunately it’s not very expensive to spend the whole summer holidays in Spain or Egypt for example. For that reason lakes and rivers are also amazing and fascinating for me.

My friends say that I’m very sporty. But I disagree. For me it’s not an ideal conditional. I want to have thinner legs. For that reason I need to ride a bicycle. And I also think that we need to eat nutritious food to look fresh. I drink a glass of juice and go jogging. While jogging I like to listen to my favorite music. Sport and music is my hobby! It’s difficult for me to live without them. They raise my mood all the time. Sport presents me smiles! It’s also a great pleasure for me to watch different sport programs. Watching races is really breathtaking.

Many boys are crazy about watching football. Most of the girls don’t understand their football obsession. Mostly girls like not the technique of the game but football players. They are so strong and handsome. We should understand that each person itself chooses what is better for him or her. Do you want to be fat and not fit? Enjoy your life laying on a sofa in front of TV and eating hamburgers! But personally for me I decide to have an active life position. Everyone should appreciate the impact of sport on our life. Sport is life and sport is our health, our good mood! Let’s be friends with sport.

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